Sunday, November 25, 2007

Roller Shutter Buying Tips

Roller shutters have exploded in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They assist in the reduction of noise, provide protection against the heat, cold, temperature fluctuations and storm damage. They provided excellent security and block out light, which assists with sleeping, especially for shift workers.

There are generally 3 types of Roller shutter operating systems:

1. Manual Winders – The cheapest to install, are only suitable small windows and are ugly.

2. Battery Operated – More expensive than winders and suitable for small to medium size windows. The roller shutter is operated by a rechargeable battery control unit mounted on the wall (looks like a remote control). It is not connected to mains power and the shutter will still work if the power goes out. This will be handy in case of a fire.

3. Hard Wired - The most expensive because it requires an electrician to install it. Suitable for all size windows. The only draw back with hard wired systems is that they will not operate in the event of a power failure, which may be dangerous in case of a fire.

Roller shutters are often overpriced. To get yourself the best deal, make sure you get multiple quotes and ask for their absolute lowest price. Be aware that companies who have huge offices, sales people and use TV advertising are going to have huge overheads and will need to reclaim those costs.

Your best deal may come from a smaller operator with lower overheads. Just make sure their work is guaranteed and they have the appropriate builders licence.

I'll soon post a photo of two roller shutters I just got installed. The cost of my Roller Shutters was $1500 Australian Dollars for both, a bargin!

When purchasing battery operated roller shutters, you do not need a battery pack for each shutter, you can remove it from it's holder and move it from shutter to shutter. I have 4 shutters now and 2 battery packs. They are about $100 each, so I saved $200 by not getting a battery pack for each roller shutter.

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roller shutter manufacturer said...

Great tips on buying roller shutters. I believe there are already solar powered roller shutters, would you advise for it or against it? So far I don't see any drawback.